Carpet Trouble Shooting: Indentations

carpet dentWe have all been there; changed our mind on where the coffee table or the sofa should go only to move it and find the carpet underneath flattened and dented.

You will be glad to hear that in a lot of cases your carpet can be restored back to its former glory.  Here are some tips from Biesty Carpets Altrincham on how to help improve those dents.

Minor dents should be able to be removed with normal vacuuming, however it will depend on how long and how heavy the offending piece of furniture has been standing in place.

For more serious dents, you can try holding a steam iron above the carpet and steam the carpet until it is damp then use a coin or blunt darning needle to tease the carpet pile back into place.   Another method is to drop an ice cube into the dent and leave it to melt.  Once it has melted, mop up the excess water before teasing up the carpet fibres.

For a really deep dent, dampen a tea towel  and place it over the dent. Gently iron the dent using the wool setting and leave the towel in place until the carpet is completely dry.

Hiring a steam carpet cleaner could also help, with the added bonus of cleaning your carpet at the same time!

We hope you have found this article useful, it just remains to say that if you end up having any mishaps with the iron or the ice cube, Biesty Carpets cannot be held responsible!