Carpet Factsheet: Wool Carpets

Wool carpets have a well-deserved quality reputation, with good reason. Here are a few of the benefits of wool carpet from Biesty Carpets:

Practical; Wool carpets will stay looking great for many years due to their hard wearing nature and natural ‘bounce-back’ of the pile.  Due to the natural oils in wool, wool carpets have a natural resistance to soiling and staining.  Regular vacuuming will keep your wool carpets looking great.

Comfort; Wool carpets are not only luxurious underfoot, the insulation properties of wool keep your home warm and cosy. Wool is also a great sound proofer as it absorbs sound.

Safe; Wool is naturally fire resistant and slow to ignite.

Anti-allergy; Dust mites don’t feed from wool and wool helps reduce the amount of airborne particles.

Eco-friendly; Wool is natural and sustainable, energy efficient, biodegradable and environmentally assessed.

So as well as looking great for many years, wool carpets have many other amazing benefits making wool carpets a great choice for your home.

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