Carpet Cleaning Tips from Biesty Carpets & Flooring

One of the most frequently asked questions Biesty Carpets & Flooring receive is; what is best way to clean my carpet.

When you first notice a stain, your first point of call is to put a small amount of everyday soap onto the corner of a sponge and gently rub the stain. You would be amazed at the results you can achieve with this simple, and cheap, method.

If the stain is stubborn then I would result to stardrops (read product instructions). This is a gentle but effective cleaner which will not strip the colour out of your carpet unlike some other carpet cleaning products.

If you want to give your carpet an all over freshening-up, then I would recommend hiring a carpet cleaner, such as Bissell. These machines operate in a very similar way to a vacuum cleaner and your carpets look good as new in minutes.

For those of you with very hectic households full of children and pets (like ours!) then you could consider investing in purchasing a carpet cleaner to give your carpets a quarterly once over. Maintenance and care will keep your carpets looking brand new for many years.

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Disclaimer; our carpet cleaning advice is based on personal experience only and not guaranteed, please refer to product instructions and always patch test on an invisible area first.