Bobby “Carpets” Mortimer

We were pleased to see carpets being championed this week when Shooting Stars comic, Bob Mortimer appeared in BBC2’s show Let’s Play Darts for Comic Relief as Bobby “Carpets” Mortimer.

Making an impressive entrance brandishing a rolled up carpet whilst wearing a carpet mask and carpet tank-top, Bob & the crowd chanted “We hate laminate I say we hate laminate – carpets!”

His carpet theme was explained to presenter Gabby Logan, simply as: “It’s just through my love of carpets really.”

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However we do feel that laminate is getting a bit of a raw deal from Bob!  As you know carpet is not always suitable, such as in kitchens and bathrooms.  So needless to say, if you sit on the Laminate Flooring side of the fence, unbiased Biesty Carpets also stock a full range of laminates for you to enjoy!