Beware of “Free Carpet” offers

You may have come across offers where a “free” carpet is offered with the purchase of expensive home furniture.

Firstly, the cost of the carpet will have been factored into the cost of the furniture, so not free at all. The cost is just hidden.

Secondly, these carpets will be made very cheaply and of extremely poor quality. More often than not, this type of flooring will barely last a couple of months before it would need replacing.

When using a carpet and flooring expert such as Biesty Carpets, you know that the carpets we supply are all of good quality. Of course, some carpets are more expensive than others, but we would never supply any of customers with an inferior product that would be unfit for purpose.

Biesty Carpets, based in Altrincham, are a family run business with over 45 years experience and thousands of satisfied customers. So you know that when you use us for your carpet and flooring you are getting a product and service you can trust.

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