Beat internet prices with Biesty Carpets

Paul Biesty Biesty CarpetsAsk almost anyone you know where to grab a bargain and the answer will almost universally be “the internet”.

It may appear that using good old google is the cheapest and easiest why to make purchase but there is no substitute for actually seeing something with your own eyes before you buy it.

With Biesty Carpets, not only do you get all the pros of an expert flooring company with nearly 50 years experience, you get it all for a prices which beat any like-for-like price you see on the internet.

At Biesty Carpets we offer expert advice to make sure that you choose the right flooring for your home.  And with our choose at home service you can never make a mistake matching the colour of your new flooring with your existing decor; Something which is simply impossible when you buy online.

We supply a huge selection of carpet, laminate and wood flooring samples for you to choose from and Paul will advise on which ranges will best suit your needs and budget.

And to give you piece of mind, hard-sell tactics are a big no-no.  We simply provide you with a quote and leave you to make up your mind with absolutely no hassle.

Give us a call today to arrange your free, no obligation visit 0161 962 3771 or email

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