Carpet Factsheet; Underlay

Underlay has long been underrated and can be viewed as an unnecessary accessory to your new flooring.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact The Carpet Foundation recommends that new carpet underlay is bought with every new carpet.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of good underlay:

  • Improves insulation and warmth
  • Improves underfoot comfort
  • Reduces wear and tear by absorbing the pressure of foot traffic
  • Absorbs sound so increases sound insulation
  • Smooths out flooring imperfections
  • Reduces flattening of carpet fibres
  • Increases the lifetime of the carpet

Conversely old or poor underlay will:

  • Reduce carpet lifetime
  • Feel hard and uncomfortable underfoot
  • Cause carpet wrinkling
  • Cause premature wearing

So there you have it, good underlay is essential to not only the look and feel of your new carpet but also key to its longevity.  Remember to ask Paul which underlay is best for your new carpet he will be happy to advise on types and thicknesses available and the benefits of each.

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Paul Biesty is owner of Biesty Carpets. Based in Altrincham Biesty Carpets are a family-run business who have been trading for over 45 years. We have an expert team of advisors who can help you select the perfect carpet, laminate, wood or vinyl flooring for your home or business.
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